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ATLAS Sp. z o.o
ATLAS Sp. z o.o

ATLAS Sp. z o.o

ATLAS Group is a Polish manufacturer of building chemicals acting on the international market, a significant business partner in Central and Eastern Europe. The history of the Group started in 1991. Three Łódź residents: Grzegorz Grzelak, Andrzej Walczak and Stanisław Ciupiński, set up a company producing an adhesive for tiles. Within a few years it became an undisputed leader on the Polish market. Nowadays ATLAS Group consists of 19 entities, including 5 abroad: in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia and Romania. Sixteen plants process raw materials from five, belonging to the Group, mines of gypsum, anhydrite and quartz sand. The corporation has its own forwarding company and energy supplier. It employs over 2,000 people. High company standards are confirmed i.a. with European Technical Approvals ETA and implemented, documented and executed Integrated Management System including: quality management (ISO 9001:2008), environmental management (ISO 14001:2004 + Cor 1:2009) and occupational health and safety management (BS OHSAS 18001:2007). The financial results allow the company to participate in social activities. ATLAS Charity Foundation has been assisting people in need since 1996 and has passed over 50 million zloty to this purpose. An unique business social responsibility project is ATLAS of Art, created in 2003. Exhibiting contemporary art, it is listed among the best private galleries. Since 2009, the corporation is a titular sponsor of ATLAS Arena - a sport and entertainment hall in Łódź - one of the biggest and most modern objects of this type in Poland.

ATLAS is a brand commonly recognized and trusted by Polish people. What is more, Polish people are proud of it. The special brand strength derives from coherent vision and company development strategy as well as passion of its founders and employees. ATLAS takes care of high product quality, appreciates professionalism, engages socially. Over 20 years of experience, openness to dialogue and environmental changes allowed to strengthen its position of construction chemicals market leader and expert. Attachment to the Polish tradition, stork symbol and clear visual brand identification, gained sympathy and appreciation. Mainly because of that ATLAS ranks high in public opinion polls. The brand is recognised by more than 80% of Polish people and in 2010 OBOP poll was ranked first (54% of votes) among 108 national brands, which Polish people boast of and recommend abroad.

ul. Kilińskiego 2, 91-421 Łódź, Poland
(+48 42) 631 88 00