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ATLAS ZŁOTY WIEK N-02 - silicone façade paint

Product details

Product code:
Exterior Paint
ATLAS - Golden Age

Product description


For painting mineral substrates like cement and cement-lime plasters and rough substrates made of concrete, brick, hollow brick and other similar ceramic or lime-sand-based materials for original painting and where the substrate is exposed to dampness, both in historic and modern buildings.
Resistant to pollution, self-cleaning – particles of dust and other pollution are washed away from the surface by rainfall, owing to which the painted surface retains aesthetic appearance for a longer time and does not requires repeated conservation.
Rich colour palette - 655 ready recipes.

The main parameters

• content of VOC: 35.72 g/l
• consumption: ca. 0.125 l of paint for 1 m² (on smooth surface)
• adhesion grade: 1 (according to PN-80/C-81531)

Series description


We are presenting a series of building materials designed for preservation work, collectively named ATLAS ZŁOTY WIEK. The series consists of specialised mortars and compounds, which are supplied exclusively to specific orders of preservation enterprises. Because of this, they can be manufactured while taking into account the character of a particular building, the appearance and properties of the materials used for its construction, as well as their present state of repair and strength.

Good materials for preservation work must closely resemble the materials being restored, in terms of both their physical and mechanical properties, and the materials of the ATLAS ZŁOTY WIEK series have been formulated with consideration to the above requirements. Detailed information on the products of the ATLAS ZŁOTY WIEK series can be found in their technical data sheets. Due to the special significance of issues connected with repair of damaged parts and reconstruction of missing features for the restoration and preservation of historic buildings, the widest range of products is featured in the series of mortars ATLAS ZŁOTY WIEK P, designed for this particular application. These mortars make it possible to recreate the original form of the material being restored very accurately, in terms of both grain sizes and colours.

The colour chart of the series of products ATLAS ZŁOTY WIEK P presented in the tab PALETA BARW (COLOUR CHART) should only be used as general reference. Colours of products can be adjusted to the colours of the materials being reconstructed, according to the restoration specialists' needs.

Products of the ATLAS ZŁOTY WIEK series have been available on the market since 1998. During this time they have been successfully used in dozens of historic buildings in Poland, and they have also been employed for the restoration of historic buildings in Saint Petersburg. Examples of such projects are presented in the tab REALIZACJE (COMPLETED PROJECTS).

All those involved in preservation or restoration projects will also find it useful to read about our wide range of products presented in ATLAS CATALOGUE OF PRODUCTS. Please refer to our product offer. Should you require further information, do not hesitate to contact an ATLAS Technical Advisor.

Additional Resources

All resources below have been provided by the manufacturer. If you are interested in details or additional information, which you have not found in the service, please contact the manufacturer.
ATLAS ZŁOTY WIEK N-02 - silicone façade paint Catalogue



catalogue - golden age.pdf

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katalog - złoty wiek.pdf

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ATLAS ZŁOTY WIEK N-02 - silicone façade paint Safety data sheet

Safety data sheet



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data sheet.pdf

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