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Our company has been existing on the Polish market since 1998, when we started to produce fireplace grilles.
Today, we are a well-known and respected manufacturer of fireplaces, grills and fireplace accessories. Due to our dynamic development, quality and durability of our products, we are know at the forefront of fireplace manufacturers in Europe.
Since our company's inception, we are guided by the idea of products being "Good because they are Polish" and we are different from the competition due to our concern to provide customers with safe and effective products.We make sure that our products meet the highest standards and comply with the most stringent standards. Continuous efforts in direct contact with the end customer and investments in production facilities enabled us to gain the leading position in the industry. The high quality of our products and affordable prices quickly won the trust and favor of customers; and our continuously expanded offer drew the attention of future trading partners.

We cooperate with architects and interior designers. Each architect and designer who works us can will receive professional help and advice. We have numerous marketing materials and design files, which facilitate the work. Cooperating with us you will receive: current information materials (catalogs, brochures), expert advice, 3D files, newsletter. We share files: .3ds, .dwg, .obj, Palette Cad.

ul. W. Gombrowicza 4, 26-660 Wsola/Jedlińsk, Poland
48 389 99 00


Kominek NBC

Biokominek Egzul

Houses, Architecture, Apartments, Salons, Interiors

VN 610/430 prawy BS gilotyna

Houses, Architecture, Dining rooms, Interiors, Salons


Houses, Architecture, Salons, Interiors, Rooms


Houses, Architecture, Restaurants, Salons, Interiors

LUCY 12 SLIM lewy BS

Houses, Architecture, Salons, Interiors

MBO 15 lewy BS gilotyna

Houses, Architecture, Salons, Interiors, Rooms


Living room

Living room

Living room

Living room

Dining room, Room, Living room

Dining room, Living room
Kominki gazowe LEO - urządzenia przyszłości dostępne już teraz!

Kominki gazowe LEO - urządzenia przyszłości dostępne już teraz!

Room, Living room


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