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QL035 curtain rail

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Mardom Decor
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Furniture accessories
Curtain slats
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Product description

QL035 curtain rod strip

The QL035 curtain rod strip is used to mask the curtain rod. The minimalist design will suit most architectural styles. It is a functional and aesthetic decoration that will fulfill its purpose, but will not stand out in the foreground. The QL035 strip has been designed to harmonize with LED lighting, it has a special space for cables and the LED strip. Equipped with the innovative LightGuard® technology, the strip prevents the LED light from shining through the material, which guarantees the aesthetic appearance of the lighting, without the need to use aluminum tape on the inside of the stucco. Covered with a matte primer, the curtain rod strip is ready to be painted in any color. An additional layer of primer paint ensures excellent adhesion of the pigment to the surface and an intense shade. Enables repeated repainting. Made of durable PolyForce material, it is resistant to scratches, UV radiation, does not turn yellow, retaining its shape and color throughout the entire period of use. PolyForce material is also 100% waterproof, making the curtain rod an ideal solution for kitchens and bathrooms. Installation of QL035 is easy and quick, thanks to the large gluing surface, which ensures stable mounting using mounting glue with high bonding strength and short drying time.

Features of curtain rod strips

  • High-density waterproof PolyForce fabric. Stucco can be used even in rooms with high humidity.
  • Curtain rod strips are dimensionally stable - they do not deform or swell, retaining their original shape for many years of use.
  • Special coating and resistance to UV radiation - Mardom Decor curtain rod strips do not turn yellow even when exposed to long-term and intense UV radiation. This is a perfect option for a living room and commercial spaces, e.g. beauty salons.
  • Curtain rod strips are covered with a high-quality, matte primer. An additional layer of white primer paint ensures trouble-free painting of the surface with solvent-free paint in any color. The strips can be repainted many times.
  • Quick and simple renovation – curtain rod strips are a solution that allows you to easily mask an unsightly curtain rod. Easy cutting to size and installation only with glue means that even people with no experience will be able to attach the stucco.
  • Dedicated to use with an LED strip - a special profile with space for mounting an LED strip.
  • LightGuard® technology - effectively eliminates the problem of point LED light shining through the surface. Made of dense PolyForce® material, enriched with refiners, it guarantees beautiful light dispersion around the profile. Using a strip without LightGuard® may lead to undesirable gaps.
  • ScratchShield® technology - maximally hardens the surface and increases the stucco's resistance to mechanical damage. Thanks to specialized polymer hardeners, the hardness of the strips is 40% higher compared to standard products, which makes them one of the most durable options available on the market.

Technical data

  • Length: 200 cm
  • Height: 11 cm
  • Depth: 11 cm
  • Material: PolyForce
  • Finish: matte
  • EAN code: 5901694457833

Series description

Curtain profiles

A curtain pelmet is a subtle yet striking decorative element, used in various spaces. Mounted on the ceiling near a window, it easily conceals the track or rod, adding an unobtrusive elegance to the interior. In this way, a concealed pelmet not only doesn't distract from the interior but becomes an important part of the arrangement, accentuating the chosen style of the room. Available in various patterns and colors, curtain pelmets allow for the personalization of every interior, from classic to modern minimalism.

A curtain pelmet plays an important practical and aesthetic role in every interior. Properly chosen pelmets can cover wall irregularities, installation imperfections, and mechanical elements while giving rooms a refined character. A pelmet for curtain concealment can also be combined with LED lighting, adding a unique lighting effect to interiors.

Mardom Decor curtain profiles

When choosing a ceiling curtain rail with a cover, it is crucial to pay attention not only to its aesthetics but above all to quality. Mardom Decor ceiling curtain pelmets are entirely produced in Poland, which includes the process from design through production to customer service, ensuring high-quality control.

Made of innovative PolyForce material, characterized by high density, and hence resistance to mechanical damage.

Curtain pelmets are resistant to varying atmospheric conditions, including water and UV radiation. As a result, the Mardom Decor curtain pelmet maintains its perfect appearance for many years. It is suitable for installation in various rooms, including kitchens, bathrooms, and public spaces.

Mardom Decor offers a wide range of stucco products for curtain concealment, including multifunctional variants, further reinforced with ScratchShield® technology, which maximizes the hardening of the stucco surface, making it resistant to impacts and scratches. Multifunctional moldings can be installed as curtain pelmets, ceiling, wall, or floor moldings.

The covers are equipped with innovative LightGuard® technology. Thanks to the use of special enhancers and the densification of the molding structure, this technology prevents any LED diodes from shining through the material, shortening installation time and positively affecting the aesthetics of the interior.

Curtain pelmets are covered with high-quality primer paint, which protects against yellowing and dirt. They can be painted with any water-based paint, allowing for color personalization.

Advantages of curtain profiles

  • Made of lightweight material
  • Easy to install with adhesive
  • Suitable for both track and rod curtain rails
  • Wide selection of shapes and patterns
  • 100% waterproof
  • Resistance to mechanical damage and scratches
  • UV radiation resistance
  • Made from fully recyclable material
  • Do not contain harmful substances (e.g., sulfates)

Curtain profiles variants

  • Standard Mardom Decor curtain pelmets are designed with ease of personalization in mind. Finished with a matte coating, they are perfectly prepared for painting. This allows users to independently adjust the color of the stucco to their interior, enabling full harmonization with their individual style and color scheme of the room.
  • Flex version pelmets are a flexible solution, perfect for rooms with unusual shapes. Made of flexible material, they can be easily adapted to curved walls or uneven surfaces.

Mardom Decor curtain pelmets allow for easy adaptation to the needs and design of the interior. They can be subtle, with a simple form, discreetly covering the rod or track, becoming a neutral element of the interior. Alternatively, for those wishing to emphasize the individual character of their apartment, pelmets can become a distinct decorative element with grooves and patterns. A concealed curtain rail is invisible, allowing for the full display of elegant curtains and drapes without affecting the visual arrangement, regardless of the chosen type of rail (single or double track).


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All resources below have been provided by the manufacturer. If you are interested in details or additional information, which you have not found in the service, please contact the manufacturer.

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