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MARDOM DECOR. The art of details.

Mardom Decor is a Polish, family-owned company with a global reach, which over 20 years has become a leading manufacturer and distributor of decorative mouldings, wall slats, wall panels and stucco. Mardom Decor products bring to our customers' homes not only a unique, timeless design, but above all, practical solutions that translate into their use and flawless appearance.

All our decorations are made of two materials: PolyForce® and ProFoam®. Both materials are fully waterproof, which means they can be installed in damp rooms (bathrooms, kitchens, restaurants, beauty salons) and wet cleaned. Direct contact with water does not cause any deformation or swelling of the materials, which translates into the perfect appearance of the products for many years.

We are the only company on the market with a specially patented technology that prevents LED strips from shining through the surface of lighting mouldings. LED strips located close to the surface of the strip can create the effect of point illumination of the diodes. In the case of our products, this effect is completely eliminated and the light is beautifully dispersed around the moulding.

The standard version of Mardom Decor products has a matte finish. At the factory, we cover them with the highest quality primer paint, which smoothes the surface of the strip and protects it against yellowing or dirt penetration. The primer also serves as a base for applying subsequent layers of paint. We recommend painting the mouldings with any water-based paint, which will additionally protect the surface and give the strip a color that will perfectly match the interior design.

In addition to the standard matte version, our products also come in a satin Premium version. During the production process, we cover them with a special, smoothing varnish, which gives them pristine whiteness, smoothness and a delicate, semi-matte finish. Such moulding no longer require any processing or painting - they can be directly cut and installed.

The resistance and hardness of our products result not only from the use of special materials, but also from their additional refinement with ScratchShield® technology. This involves maximally hardening the surface of the products and protecting them against scratches. Our decorations are 24%* harder than other mouldings available on the market (*measured with a hardness tester and expressed on the Shore scale).

Although decorative mouldings and stucco have been the foundation of our business from the beginning, for several years we have been expanding our product range to include the most fashionable wall decorations in the form of wall slats and panels. Our wall slats, operating under the Lamelli brand, are loved by customers and architects all over the world. In addition to beautiful, natural wood patterns, we also have white slats that can be painted in any color. This decoration gives the walls a subtle three-dimensionality and completely changes the character of the interior. Our wall panels come in the most fashionable semicircular, concave or triangular shapes, and their applications go far beyond walls. Customers often decorate furniture fronts, kitchen islands or bed headboards with them. Their use in interiors has no restrictions!

All Mardom Decor decorations are produced in Poland, at our headquarters in Łódź. As a modern company, we implement more and more pro-ecological solutions that have a beneficial impact on the environment. We operate within a closed loop, thanks to which we process all production waste and reuse it. The photovoltaic installation allows us to reduce the consumption of energy from coal-fired power plants. The materials from which our products are made can be fully recycled. Taking care of the environment is one of our primary goals.

The quality and design of our products are confirmed by numerous awards received in international and national industry competitions, including: Red Dot Design Award, IDA Design Awards, Consumer Quality Leader, Good Design, Design Diamond and Must Have.

We are aware that our products are used by the best architects in Poland and abroad, which is why we attach great importance to the level of design. That is why we have been creating our collections for many years in cooperation with the best industrial designers, including: Tomek Rygalik, Bogumiła Zawada and Tomasz Orzechowski.


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