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MD018 skirting board

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Mardom Decor
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Skirting boards
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Product description

MD018 skirting board

The MD018 floor profile is a design inspired by the classics. The modern form is finished with a convex decoration that adds elegance to the stucco. The profile not only adds aesthetics to the interior, but is also ideal for masking any wall imperfections along the floor line and for hiding expansion joints. The floor strip is made of high-quality, dense PolyForce material using ScratchShield® technology. The polymer material is 100% water and sunlight resistant, and the innovative technology additionally strengthens the top layer of the strip, strengthening it against scratches and impacts to which it is exposed even during everyday use.

Features of skirting boards

  • Duropolymer PolyForce - high-quality material characterized by increased density and, consequently, increased resistance to mechanical damage.
  • ScratchShield® technology - hardens the material as much as possible, increasing its resistance to scratches and impacts by 40% compared to polymer stucco without this technology.
  • PolyForce material is a mixture of polymer with special refiners. It is fully waterproof. The strips enable installation in rooms exposed to constant contact with water.
  • High resistance to UV radiation - the slats do not turn yellow or discolor after contact with the sun.
  • High-quality matte primer, which is an excellent base for painting stucco in any color. There is no need to additionally prime the surface.
  • Quick and intuitive installation - skirting boards can be easily cut to the selected length, making them suitable for any shape and length of the interior. Installation only using glue significantly improves the entire process, enabling installation even by a person without many years of experience.
  • Well-thought-out design - the profile has a special space for hiding household cables, which not only increases the aesthetic value of the interior, but also has a positive effect on safety.
  • Some strips are adapted for use with LED strips. They have the innovative LightGuard® technology, which, thanks to the increased density of the material, prevents the shining LEDs from shining through the material, ensuring excellent light dispersion.

Technical data

  • Length: 200 cm
  • Height: 8 cm
  • Depth: 1.3 cm
  • Material: PolyForce
  • Finish: matte
  • EAN code: 5901694455075

Series description

Skirting boards

Although often perceived as a minor detail, skirting boards have a significant impact on the appearance and atmosphere of an interior. They are not only aesthetic, but also practical elements of the arrangement, combining functionality with beauty and giving each room a unique atmosphere.

The main role of skirting boards is to mask expansion gaps that appear when installing floor panels. Thanks to them, the panels maintain their perfect appearance, preventing the ingress of dirt and moisture. Additionally, floor strips protect the walls against damage and dirt that may occur during everyday use, and also protect the corners and edges of the panels.

Skirting boards can also act as an aesthetic cover for furniture legs, but you should choose a model with the appropriate height. Special strip profiles also allow you to cover cables and other electrical installations. Thanks to their versatility, white skirting boards go well with various materials.

Mardom Decor floor strip

Mardom Decor skirting boards, made of proprietary PolyForce material, are characterized by exceptional density and resistance to mechanical damage.

Enriched with ScratchShield® technology, these strips are much more resistant to impacts and scratches, even those made with a sharp tool, and are 40% more resistant to damage than stucco without this technology. These are the hardest skirting boards available on the market, perfect for both home and public places.

Mardom Decor strips are also available in multifunctional variants, which allows them to be widely used in various spaces and interior arrangements. You can easily install them as floor, wall, ceiling or curtain rod strips, maintaining a consistent style of the space.

The skirting boards are 100% waterproof, so neither a spilled drink nor a washing machine failure will be a problem for them. They do not swell or delaminate over time, maintaining their perfect appearance for many years.

UV resistance makes them suitable for use in intensely sunny rooms, such as living rooms, living rooms or offices. Light resistance not only provides protection, but also guarantees that the strips will retain their aesthetic appearance for a long time, without deforming or fading.

Skirting boards are very easy to keep clean - just wipe them clean with a dry cloth or vacuum them, and in case of stains, e.g. from coffee, they can be wet cleaned with water and a mild detergent.

Advantages of skirting boards

  • Easy assembly with glue
  • Wide selection of shapes and patterns
  • 100% waterproof
  • Resistance to mechanical damage and scratches
  • Resistance to UV radiation
  • Manufactured from fully recyclable material
  • Do not contain harmful substances (e.g. sulfates)

Floor strips – variants

  • Mardom Decor floor strips in the standard version have a matte finish. Dedicated to painting in any color - they are factory-coated with a special primer that smoothes the strip and increases the adhesion of the dye to the surface. Thanks to this, they can be freely adapted to the color and style of any room.
  • Flex strips are a flexible solution, ideal for rooms with uneven walls and curved surfaces. Made of flexible material, they allow easy adjustment to various corners and curves.
  • Premium skirting boards are satin, ready-to-install products that are exceptionally smooth and have a snow-white finish thanks to the SupremeSatin® coating. This spray-applied coating provides flexibility, resistance to damage and protection against moisture and contamination. Premium category strips are immediately ready for installation.

Mardom Decor white skirting boards are a universal choice that fits many architectural styles. Our offer includes a wide range of shapes, from simple, geometric forms, through delicately carved patterns, to richly decorated models. This diversity allows you to choose the perfect model that will perfectly fit into the aesthetics of your interior.

Mardom Decor skirting boards are not only aesthetic, but also functional. We offer various heights of the strips, so they can be adjusted to the specific needs of the room. Strips up to 8 cm high are ideal for smaller spaces with low ceilings, those measuring 8-10 cm fit perfectly into standard apartments, while strips higher than 10 cm will beautifully complement spaces in tenement houses or houses with high ceilings.


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