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MDD338 wall strip

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Mardom Decor
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Decorative wall moldings
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Product description

MDD338 wall strip

The MDD338 decorative strip is a unique design with numerous decorations, distinguished by elegance and style. Made of lightweight ProFoam material, it allows for easy and quick installation on your own, without the need to hire a specialist. MDD338 fits perfectly into the aesthetics of glamorous rooms, emphasizing their character. Thanks to the proprietary ProFoam material, the wall strip can be installed even in places with high sunlight or humidity, because it is resistant to water and UV rays, which prevents the material from yellowing and deforming. MDD338 has been coated with a smoothing primer that protects the surface and prepares it for painting with water-based paint, giving even more possibilities for personalization.

Features of wall moldings

  • Proprietary PolyForce material, characterized by high density and, consequently, increased resistance to mechanical damage - scratches and surface impacts.
  • The strips are made of light and durable ProFoam material, which allows easy installation of even larger elements without the risk of them peeling off the surface.
  • 100% water resistance allows stucco to be used in rooms for various purposes - from laundry rooms to kitchens to sanitary rooms.
  • Mardom Decor decorative wall strips are characterized by dimensional stability - they do not deform, do not expand or swell, maintaining their perfect form for a long time.
  • Special coating and resistance to UV radiation - wall strips do not turn yellow in contact with sunlight.
  • Wall decorative strips are covered with a high-quality, matte primer, which makes it easy to paint them in any color. We recommend using solvent-free paint. The strips can be repainted many times.

Technical data

  • Length: 200 cm
  • Height: 8 cm
  • Depth: 2.1 cm
  • Material: ProFoam
  • Finish: matte
  • EAN code: 5901694451411

Series description

Decorative Wall Moldings

Mardom Decor's decorative wall moldings are functional and aesthetic finishing elements. Available in a variety of shapes, patterns, and sizes, they allow for highlighting walls according to the preferred style – from minimalist to richly ornamented. These moldings add aesthetic value to the interior and are a practical solution for masking wall imperfections such as cracks or unevenness, as well as unsightly elements like protruding pipes or wires.

Wall moldings also serve as elegant covers for protruding pipes or wires, giving the room a neat appearance. They can also be creatively used for furniture decoration, creating unique accents and refreshing their look.

Properly chosen moldings are a subtle decoration that can emphasize the chosen architectural style of the interior, from classic to retro or art deco.

Mardom Decor Wall Molding

Wall moldings made from ProFoam are exceptionally lightweight, and the unique technical parameters of the material allow for creating very precise decorations and ornaments. Our most decorative wall moldings are made from ProFoam.

PolyForce wall moldings are made from a high-density material, directly translating to increased resistance to mechanical damage.

Mardom Decor wall moldings are also available in multifunctional variants, reinforced with ScratchShield® technology. It provides exceptional resistance to impacts, dents, and scratches, making the moldings ideal not only for homes but also for public spaces. Their versatility allows for broad application in interiors, from walls to ceilings.

Decorative wall moldings are fully waterproof. Even when submerged in water for several hours, they do not deform, maintaining their original shape. They are excellent for use in high-moisture areas.

Mardom Decor wall moldings are UV resistant – they do not yellow or crumble, even after prolonged contact with the sun. They can be installed in both private living spaces and commercial areas.

Mardom Decor decorative moldings can be equipped with LED lighting, becoming an additional light source in the room. Thanks to LightGuard® technology, which prevents the diodes from penetrating through the material, they create an effective, even lighting without the unsightly effect of diode penetration through the surface of the molding. This modern and practical solution works well in various interior arrangements.

Advantages of Wall Moldings

  • Made from lightweight material
  • Easy adhesive installation
  • Wide selection of shapes and patterns
  • 100% waterproof
  • Resistance to mechanical damage and scratches
  • Resistance to UV radiation
  • Made from fully recyclable material
  • Free of harmful substances (e.g., sulfates)

Decorative Wall Molding Variants

  • “Standard” decorative wall moldings are dedicated to painting and are covered with a special matte primer with smoothing properties. The primer paint increases pigment adhesion and facilitates painting the surface in any color.
  • Mardom Decor also offers Flex wall moldings, a flexible solution for rooms with non-standard architecture. Due to their flexibility, these moldings are perfect for installation on curved walls, columns, or other uneven surfaces, offering smooth and aesthetic finishing even in the most challenging spaces.

Mardom Decor wall moldings offer diverse interior arrangement possibilities, adapted to every style and taste. With a rich variety of shapes, patterns, and sizes, these moldings inspire the creation of creative compositions, ranging from subtle accents to dynamic decorative elements, suitable for classic, minimalist, and modern interiors.

Mardom Decor wall moldings can be used in different rooms of the house to create unique and stylish arrangements:

  • In the living room: Wall moldings can separate the relaxation area from the dining area, create a decorative frame for the TV, or serve as impressive frames for paintings and mirrors.
  • In the bedroom: They can function as an original headboard for the bed or decorative frame. They also work well as subtle wall shelves.
  • In the kitchen: Moldings are useful for marking the boundary between the working and dining areas. They can also serve for effective lighting, highlighting, for example, the dining area.
  • In the bathroom: Perfect for creating elegant frames for mirrors or other decorative elements. A molding mounted at a certain height on the wall can be an attractive detail or create a smooth transition between different types of wall finishes.


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