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KING SIZE interior design studio
KING SIZE interior design studio

KING SIZE interior design studio

Meet us

Über uns

I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts at the Krakow University (Bachelor’s degree course in Interior Design, 2010-2014) and completed a two-year Master’s degree in Interior Design at Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (the Faculty of Interior Design). After my thesis defence, I started my own company KING SIZE Architektura Wnętrz Kinga Kołodziej. This allowed me to freely and independently develop my true passion, to reach my career goals and to give value to other people! As an interior designer, I do not favour one style over another, because my approach is to design according to my Clients’ needs, taking into account the fact that everyone is different, and surrounded by different objects, and has different aesthetic values. Striving for beauty, functionality and comfort is the one rule that I always try to follow. Since 2011, I have been taking part in workshops, as well as business and trade courses for example: AutoCAD 2012 Essential Course, AutoCAD 3D Course,  3ds MAX Design-Intermediate Course, Revit Architecture-Intermediate Course, ECDL CAD- European Computer Driving Licence CAD Exam,  3D Basecamp Polska. 

For more information, please visite the website: www.kingakolodziej.pl or www.3dwizo.pl. (An offer for Real Estate Developers).



Przytulny dom Modern Classic

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Dom pod Tarnowem

Badezimmer, Innenräume…

Dom weekendowy

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Nowoczesny i przytulny dom

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Gabinet pilota i muzyka w jednym- okolice Tarnowa

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Wnętrze z widokiem

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Ciepłe mieszkanie w Tarnowie

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ul. Bitwy pod Monte Cassino 12b, 33-100 Tarnów, Polen
+48 664-653-308
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