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Ice rinks AMARGiCE

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We offer the environmental friendly, economical, functional, easy-to-use and inexpensive AMARGiCE® artificial ice rinks. Our innovative system allows to assembly and maintain the ice rinks without the need to install complicated and expensive systems (generators, cooling systems, ice maintenance machines).

Our solution is based over the use of the most advanced generation of high-class AMARGiCE® PE 500 panels made from the specially modified plastic and requiring no cooling or freezing! We also offer a special system for ice rink edges locks treatment, which makes the quick and effective assembly and disassembly even more easy.

AMARGiCE® PE synthetic ice panels may be assembled over any floor, while the installation of system does not require any special machines or equipment. The ice rinks may be used in any season of the year. AMARGiCE® system is designed for installation inside the houses and in the premises.
AMARGO® sales also the ice rinks components and provides the comprehensive supplies and turnkey installation, the company also offers the hiring (from several days up to long-term hiring) / leasing of ready-to-use ice rinks (mobile platform, panels - ice rink slab, facings). We provide our services to local authorities, legal entities and natural persons.

In order to confirm the highest quality of AMARGiCE® ice rinks panels, we provide the market‘s longest three-year warranty for our products, with the presumption of at least eight years of service life.


We offer a wide range of AMARGiCE ice rinks panels, fit for any type of use and intensiveness, as well as to the location of installation

  • L type – straight lateral edges - is intended mainly for stationary ice rink, if we know that the ice rink will be located at the same place for at least several months. The advantage of L type panels is their junction with joggle, which allows to avoid the recesses of single sheets even in case of floor unevenness. Additionally, in order to eliminate the risk of occurrence of possible crevices between the single panels, especially in case of significant temperature fluctuations during the year, the previously prepared procedure of panels connection with pins is applied, providing the connection between the neighboring panels only, and not the fixation to the floor. The standard L type dimensions are 2,000x1,000 mm.
  • S type – with S-shaped edges - is intended for a quick installation with application of additional external flat feather. This system requires the pin connection of panels to the floor, or application of special system of lateral resistance battens, which prevent the possible ice rink shifts caused by fluctuations of temperature.
  • P type – an ideal type to be used especially in case of leasing, with frequent and fast assembly. The lateral edges of this type of panels are fitted with special innovative connection system, in a form of puzzles. The system requires an even and stable floor surface, thus in case of significant differences in a floor level, the construction of even horizontal wooden platform or application of AMARGO®mobile platform is required. P type panels do not require any additional pin connection to the floor. The dimensions of a single ice rink panel have been matched in order to ensure the easy and quick installation, along with a possibility of handling by one person. The panel dimensions are 950x950 mm.


Only original AMARGiCE® ice rink panels of 18 – 21 mm thickness, homogeneous over the whole section, with the proven connection system and produced with extrusion and processing of high resistance plastics method with application of highly precise numerical CNC processing machines, ensure the quality, best possible sliding, minimal maintenance costs and complete satisfaction of future users.


  • the investments into synthetic ice rink are 3 to 5 times lower in comparison with a traditional ice rink
  • power saving - in comparison with energy required for traditional ice, the monthly savings amount more than ten thousand PLN
  • AMARGiCE panels do not require any cooling, and do not cause the need to use the water
  • AMARGiCE panel do not require the use of aggressive substances, such as freon, salt spring, glycol or ammonia, which would be necessary for artificially frozen surfaces maintenance
  • most of our panels are totally recyclable
  • the artificial ice rink surface is always dry, thus the ice skaters in case of falling do not get their closes wet
  • owing to systemic connection and high thickness of irreproachable plastics (we do not use any cheap fillers or other hardeners, for example from plywood), our panels are two-sided. Additionally, after the years of intensive operation, there is a possibility to obtain again the factory-new surface of the ice rink.
  • easy maintenance
  • the ice rink made of AMARGiCE® panels does not require for its fully-featured operation the machine for ice rink surface care, which costs several hundred thousand PLN, nor the specialized maintenance personnel and necessary long technological breaks, as it happens in cases of traditional ice rinks. Specially developed brand new formula does not even require the application of silicone substance, and should be only sprayed once a week with sliding improving AMARGiCE® solution, and periodically cleaned, even with industrial vacuum cleaner or polishing machine.

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