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The Library - Green Book

Wrocław, Poland

The Library - Green Book

The "Green Book" library - a space that combines both a place to read books, search for necessary information, as well as a place that allows you to relax and break away from everyday life.
Located in the center of the library - the atrium with a glass roof as well as a cafe located on the ground floor are conducive to relaxation.
The floor is made of epoxy resin, with a floor carpeting that imitates grass attached to it.
On the first floor there is a zone with shelves and computers. Complementing this space are round seats in which you can listen to audiobooks thanks to built-in players.
"Green Book" takes us to the world of books, and thanks to plants and greenery we feel like in the bosom of nature, where everyone will find a place for themselves.

Software used:

Project software
  • 3Ds Max
Render engines
  • V-Ray

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