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Virtual Reality VR real walkthrough
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PIXARS STUDIO Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality VR real walkthrough

Virtual Reality

Do you want us to take your clients through to a virtual reality? To show them specially designed space, a luxurious housing estate, or an exceptional SPA? Or maybe you need a gadget for a trade show that will attract crowds of people to your stand, where they will be able to experience a unique adventure in a completely different world? Virtual reality is still considered mostly fun but in recent years it has also become a very effective sales tool.

Virtual reality glasses can be used by travel agencies to show their clients the beauty of the countries to which they sell trips to, but also by developers, salesman or job agencies, presenting office buildings of companies looking for highly qualified employees. Now you too can use the virtual reality for your own real goals!
Złotów, Poland
Houses, Apartments, Bathrooms

Dzierzążenko, 24a, 77-400 Złotów, Poland

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