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Wall Art Wallpapers
Wall Art Wallpapers

Wall Art Wallpapers

We can personalize wallpapers of your choice to fit your interior perfectly. If you need a different color or a scale? Let us know, there is a huge chance we can make your wish come true.

Our wallpapers can be used in any room: living room, bedroom, children's room, bathroom even under the shower or in the kitchen in the cooking zone.

We produce ecological and safe product, using odorless Canon UV GEL technology, which have all necessary approvals and certificates for use even in such demanding spaces as hospitals or schools.

The entire production is located in Poland, in Wrocław. Our printing materials are produced by a Polish company with almost thirty years of experience. Thanks to this, in just 14 working days, we can provide you the highest quality wallpaper. You want to have it quicker? No worries, we also have wallpaper in standardized rolls and it takes only 10 working days to produce them.

You feel overwhelmed to make all those choices? We are more than happy to assist you with every step of transforming your home. We can help you with choosing design and structure, we will make a visualization and suggest how to prepare the wall and which accessories to choose to install the wallpaper right.


Wall Art is a Polish brand created for people and about people who are constantly looking for harmony, aesthetics and beauty. The basis of our activity is sensitivity to the surrounding world and an attempt to transfer the nuances of its appeal and charm to our customers’ interiors. We pass culture, art and nature through the prism of usability, in order to obtain a product that is delightful and tailored to the needs of diverse recipients. With deep commitment, honesty and faith in what we do, we can make a few promises to our customers and partners with full responsibility.

The promise of care

We put a lot of effort into ensuring that interaction with our employees bears the hallmarks of not only professional service, but real care and attention to every detail. Precision and reliability are visible especially in the quality of our products, which reach a wider audience only in a refined and well-thought-out form.

The promise of responsibility

We take full responsibility for every aspect of our work, including timely delivery of orders, quality of service and products and above-average business support for our partners. We are only human, we make mistakes, but we do not shy away from their consequences and we always look for optimal solutions that will satisfy our customers and contractors.

The promise of simplicity

We focus on clear and transparent communication of information both inside and outside the team. In communication, we value honesty above all else and do not seek half-truths. We accept emotions, which allows us to build trust while showing respect and empathy. Care for a coherent, credible and authentic image is a natural consequence of our choices. When you do what you say, you are genuine. Our values are not for show, “check” and Wall Art will fulfil the promise of beauty within you.

ul. Ćwiczebna 4, 51-180 Wrocław, Poland


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