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Say what you will about time, but sometimes it works in your favour. Let enough time pass, and it will bring perspective, to clarify if what you thought was a good idea actually turned out to be one. We look back on a history in which we have found new ways of manufacturing furniture and have gone from a company employing dozens to one employing thousands, with a presence in more than twenty European markets.​

And it seems we are not the only ones who recognize that we are on to something. Being chosen to be a supplier to one of the largest home furnishing companies in the world has meant a lot – for developing our business, as well as for the encouraging stamp of approval it brings. Our history shows that we achieved what we set out to do: become a long-term-thinking, reliable company. But in order to remain that way, we must rely on anything but the past. Instead we have to keep moving, to keep making progress, every day and on every level.​

A while ago we made a quick calculation and it turned out that roughly 4,000 pieces of SITS furniture found a place in someone’s home every day. Today we’ve probably surpassed that number, but we’re just as humbled by it. To take a place in someone’s life brings responsibility. And our way of living up to that is by always delivering on the one thing we know our customers look for in our products: comfort. To be able to relax into a sofa or to enjoy the design of a table is what SITS is all about.
But getting into the comfort zone, contrary as it may seem, is hard work. From design through production, up to the final moment of truth, we focus on one thing and one thing only: you. Our design needs to be matched by your experience. And the quality of our products will enable you to enjoy them for many years to come. You can take comfort in many things. We just never take it for granted.
Gen. Sikorskiego 60, 87-300 Brodnica, Poland
+48 564 930 700


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