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Classical Elegance
Classical Elegance

Classical Elegance

Piotr Kler established the original company in 1973, and over the years he turned what began as a small craft workshop into a thriving international
business. He upheld such traditional craftsmanship values as attention to detail, enhancing them with modern technology and incorporating them
within a modern organizational model. He won the cooperation of renowned furniture design studios, whose products have been distinguished by elegant
design, extraordinary comfort, and exceptional functionality. Today, Kler is a capital group with a strong position in many countries around the world. On the domestic market, it has a prominent network of furniture showrooms offering the company’s own products along with excellent-quality furniture and accessories.

For many years now, Kler Group products have been available in most European countries as well as outside Europe. A large contributor to their success has been their superior design and functionality, as well as excellent logistics. However, what truly sets them apart from the competition is their innovation reflected in the unique structural solutions, combined with conservatism expressed through consistent adherence to the canons of classic elegance.

Piastowska 39b, 46-380 Dobrodzień, Poland
(+48) 34 35 29 156



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