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Enix Sp. z o.o.
Enix Sp. z o.o.

Enix Sp. z o.o.


We improve living comfort through unique solutions and sustainable development.


“In the years to come, Enix will become a well-recognised manufacturer of heating products for various applications in Poland and Europe. The company will achieve success through a diversified product portfolio and expansion of its R&D division, continuously working on new solutions for the industry. Enix will initiate changes in the market as well as a place where employees can fully use their potential.”

We are a solid and reliable company that guarantees our employees a friendly working environment, our customers professional service, and our suppliers good partner relationships. Our employees are our greatest asset. That’s why we provide equal opportunities to both junior and senior staff. 

Through careful selection of technical and functional solutions, we ensure the high level of safety and reliability of our products. Our customers can be sure that by purchasing one of our products, they are investing in quality and, at the same time, contributing to the development of our company which operates in harmony with the environment and its surroundings.

Our goal is to make our company


We are raising the awareness of our employees by providing appropriate information about the hazards present in the workplace and ways to limit risk. By providing protective clothing and equipment, we make sure that all our employees can safely work at their stations.

We must remember that our work is efficient and safe only if we care about keeping our workplace and tools in good order. 


Our employees can rely on a number of social benefits, such as funding of collective events, holidays for children, non-refundable financial aid in difficult life situations, loans for housing and Christmas gifts for children.


Our company is not only a valued business partner. We also strive to be active in other domains by supporting young people and athletes and by taking part in charity events.


This year, we have initiated cooperation with the University of Fine Arts. We support a group of students of the Faculty of Industrial Design in writing their theses. We want to help young people at the beginning of their careers using the knowledge of our experienced staff.


ENIX was one of the sponsors of the ‘WELCOME TO NOWA HUTA’ competition organised by the Nowy Hutnik 2010 Society. The following teams took part: Ferencvaros Budapest and Hutnik Cracow.


We possess the Credibility Certificate awarded by the National Debt Register. This document officially confirms that we are a trustworthy partner, with no debts recorded in the NDR.


Caring for the environment is one of our important values. We are a member of the Partnership for the Environment Foundation. Our company’s environmental policy is appropriately matched to our environmental impact and complies with applicable legislation.

We undertake actions aimed at reducing environmental impact through the following:

  • rational water management, use of electric power and other natural sources of energy;
  • sorting of generated waste depending on type and, if possible, recycling it;
  • minimising pollution by monitoring gases and dust released to the atmosphere and reducing the consumption of raw materials and fuel;
  • promoting environmentally-friendly practices and behaviour among our staff;
  • • making our environmental policy available to everyone working for or on behalf of ENIX and publishing it on our website at:

We work with suppliers that adhere to the principles of our environmental policy.

ul. Domagały 1, 30-841 Kraków, Poland
012 653 53 36



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