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We are the only Polish shop offering such a wide range of original products from handicraftsmen and artisans from different parts of the world. Our offer includes multicoloured washbasins, wall and floor tiles or decorations from Mexico, Morocco, Tunisia, Italy, but also from Polish artists. The hand-forged copper lamps and sinks in our range are made in Mexico, according to centuries-old traditions. All our products are the handiwork of artisans, making each one unique and the original design the pride of local artists. 
All our goods are of the highest quality and come from selected factories, and are made from 100% natural, health-safe raw materials. The paints used to paint the products are safe for health (lead-free paints). It is also worth remembering that copper has natural antimicrobial properties, which is of considerable importance for sinks made of this material. 
Our products will add a unique atmosphere to any interior and will surprise everyone with their range of colours and patterns. These are not products that we want to sell to everyone, but only to those who can appreciate the originality of handicraft and the unique style of artistic craftsmanship.

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Aleje Jerozolimskie 133/16, 02-304 Warszawa, Poland
+48 790 795 373
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Aranżacje z produktami Cerames


Cozy rustic bathroom with a hand-formed Polish washbasin

Apartments, Architecture, Bathrooms, Interiors

Beige-mint bathroom with a hand-painted Mexican sink

Houses, Architecture, Apartments, Bathrooms, Interiors

Mexican tiles in a classic kitchen

Houses, Architecture, Apartments, Cuisines, Interiors

Minimalist bathroom with mosaic floor

Houses, Architecture, Apartments, Bathrooms, Interiors

Moroccan oasis: Modern style with copper accents

Bathrooms, Interiors

Elegance in minimalism: Wooden and Marble Kitchen with Dining Room

Apartments, Architecture, Dining rooms, Interiors, Cuisines

A small kitchen with an ingenious finish

Apartments, Architecture, Dining rooms, Interiors, Cuisines


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