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We are the only store in Poland that offers such a wide range of original products straight from Mexico. All our products are handcrafted by Mexican artisans, which makes each of them unique. All products are made according to centuries-old traditions, and the original design is the pride of Mexican artists. Our products will give a unique atmosphere to any interior and surprise everyone with a feast of colors and patterns. These are not products which we want to sell to everyone, but only to those who can appreciate the originality of handicraft and unique style of Mexican craftsmanship.

All our goods are of the highest quality and come from selected production plants. You will not find cheap counterfeits or products which would be dangerous to your health. The quality and durability of both ceramic and copper washbasins and decorative tiles are confirmed by European safety certificates and are CE marked. In the case of washbasins, the resistance to abrasion of patterns is a characteristic of Talavera washbasins, due to the fact that individual colors are contained in a thick layer of glazing and are not subject to fading, abrasion or discolouration. Our products are made of 100% natural raw materials, safe for health. The paints used to paint the products are safe for health (lead-free paints), and copper has natural antibacterial properties.


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Aleje Jerozolimskie 133/16, 02-304 Warszawa, Poland
+48 790 795 373
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Aranżacje z produktami Cerames


Exclusive bathroom with marble and Atalaya sink

Apartments, Architecture, Hotels and Spa, Interiors, Bathrooms

Kitchen design using a Sicilian Cerames sink

Apartments, Architecture, Dining rooms, Interiors, Cuisines

Colonial bathroom in a tenement house

Apartments, Architecture, Hotels and Spa, Interiors, Bathrooms

Bathroom design with a hand-painted Moroccan sink

Houses, Architecture, Apartments, Bathrooms, Interiors

A motorhome in a retro style

Other, Interiors, Cuisines, Bedrooms

A minimalist bathroom with two Moroccan sinks

Hotels and Spa, Interiors, Bathrooms

Hand-painted washbasins in Bathrooms

Houses, Architecture, Apartments, Bathrooms, Interiors


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