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Interiors of Primary School in Przezmierowo

Przeźmierowo, Polska

Interiors of Primary School in Przezmierowo

Our task was to refresh the interior of the elementary school, which until now was very outdated. Corridors have gained a new life thanks to the neutral base and vivid colors that cross long communication routes. The interior is completed by new benches, cabinets, interesting seats and a new visual identity that helps you find yourself in a large building.The design of classrooms cohesive the entire school, organizes the necessary equipment and is a neutral background for children's creativity.The blackboard wall is accentuated with a distinctive color, which helps to focus the attention of children on a lesson. The entrance to the classroom has been covered with plywood cladding, which prevents the walls from being damaged by the backpacks. The low cabinets at the back of the room give a lot of storage space and is an additional place to display children's work. The same color as the room was used on the back of the back room to compensate for the room's proportions.

Authors: Marcelina Gronowska | Damian Goliński

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