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Poznań, Pologne


This project is a conversion of a warehouse into specific office space. The investor of this project is a great fan of cars. He byus old models and repairs them all by himself. Actually they are all of one car brand from a specified period of time. His hobby became an inspiration for creating a space which would combine working and leisure areas. Every room of the office space is opened onto the garage hall (which occupies the 2/3 of the whole area). There are parking places for the investor’s favourite cars in the hall. The garage is not only a vehicle exhibition space, but also a workshop equipped with a car hoist, tool cabinets, an exhaust system ect. For us the aesthetics was obvious from the beggining: the space should have a technical look, like a garage or a parking lot. The graphic from the inside of the building is also present on the outside. Yellow and grey inclined stripes on the facade foretell what is going to happen in the building. A roof from reinforced concrete spans over the entrances and transforms into a bench.

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