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Living room with a kitchenette

Living room with a kitchenette

Living room with a kitchenette
Living room with a kitchenette
Living room with a kitchenette
Living room with a kitchenette
Living room with a kitchenette
Living room with a kitchenette
A living room with a kitchenette in a modern house. I have divided the large space of the living room with the open kitchen into zones. The variety of structures and colours allowed me to bring out small spaces that interacts with each other to form an integrated whole. The trendy pastel colours in the kitchen have been broken with luminous marble of the countertop and accentuated by adding sophisticated wooden Bester Studio panels above the work space in the kitchen. Navy blue hokers (stools) from Maro add style to this delicate kitchen arrangement. A steel, openwork bookcase from Aura Maro collection separates the cooking zone from the rest of the living room, letting the light into the kitchen at the same time. The icing on the cake is a navy blue Smeg fridge which is a beautiful accent in the interior. WallArt floral wallpaper is like a fresco on the wall decorating the interior and making it unique. In the relaxation area while resting on the Complet Furiture velour sofa we can enjoy the view from the window. A decoratively painted wall sets new trends inspired by refined beauty. There is also a small reading corner with a mustard yellow armchair in which we want to sink with a book and a cup of hot tea. Phormy chest of drawer inspired by Japanese style gives the interior some chic. The design of this interior was based on the combination of pastel wall colours with subtle large-format wallpaper and elegant accessories.
Warszawa, Poland
Houses, Cuisines, Salons
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Bejot, BESTER STUDIO, Complet Furniture, FORBO FLOORING, Hugle,, Kaspa Sp. z o. o., Labra, MARO Office Furniture, OMNIRES, PHORMY SP. Z O.O., Smeg, Wall Art sp z o.o., 366 Concept, Artemide, Bejot, Brodziak gallery, Jerzy Nowosielski, Kabe, Louis Poulsen, Maro, Raven, Rug Vista, Smeg, vertigo
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Jaktorowska, 5a/162, 01-202 Warszawa, Poland
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