Konkurs "Radical Design" - wygraj nagrody za ponad 20 000 PLN.

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Vital Visuals

Living room/Dining room with a view

Living room/Dining room with a view
Living room/Dining room with a view

Living room/Dining room with a view

The dining room is the most important room in the house, which allows you to spend time with your loved ones through shared meals.
However, this dining room is not like any other.
Its uniqueness comes from the use of a load-bearing wall in the middle of the room, which allows to separate additional space in this case for an office space or a bathing salon with a beautiful view.
This wall from the front side was designed with the use of gold and silver wallpaper to break the color of the interior, additionally two recesses were designed to make its reception modern and not obvious. At any time we can move from our dining room for a moment to complete the project, send an e-mail or to take a bath in a modern bathing salon.
By using panoramic windows we have the impression of penetrating nature into our room. The floor and the ceiling designed with the use of concrete add to the austerity of the interior, while all additions, although in a minimalist style, give the whole class and character.
Additionally, we managed to separate in the left corner of the dining room a small space to spend free time on a comfortable armchair with your favorite book and coffee.
3 spaces in one room and everyone is satisfied.

Software used:

Project software
  • AutoCAD
  • SketchUp
Render engines
  • V-Ray

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