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Jakub Kubala


Categories:Apartments | Bedrooms | Rooms


The room project is meant to combine space for working and studying with relaxing and resting. The materials used in this room are making it unique and modern.

The desc is three meters long so it can fit everything that is needed for work or studies. There is also plenty of space for plants which are having an important role in this space. The wood which desc is made matches with wardrobe and metal with other materials in this room. It is very important to combine every element in the best fit with each other. Also, a built-in wardrobe with deep shelves is enough for storage. The big bed is next to a small coffee table and a few plants which need more light.

Minimalism is helping to clear the mind and in resting so in this room are only objects which are the most important.

Software used:

Project software
  • SketchUp
Render engines
  • Lumion

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