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Thermo 78

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Standard windows
Wooden windows

Very strong structure

The window frame is constructed of four layers of properly prepared wood. Each layer is glued to another in such a way that their rings are arranged alternately. This makes the construction material is highly resistant to warping, twisting and mechanical deformations. As a result, the frame is stable and resistant to temperature* and humidity changes.

*Wooden windows far surpass PCV windows with their resistance to temperature changes and are ideal for large glazing of the southern walls of buildings.

Greater profile depth

Thicker profile* (per depth) allows installation of triple-glass unit with better thermal insulation parameters. In addition, it positively affects sound absorption of the window - outside noises are clearly muted. This is another advantage of wooden windows over plastic or aluminium ones.

The profile also features high rigidity which allows for the construction of large gazed areas. The maximum tilt and turn sash is 160 cm wide and even 300 cm high. Larger glazing is provided by our patio systems.

*Increased thickness of the profile does not mean that it is more visible or reduces the light of the window. It is the dimension per depth that does not change the width visibility of the frame.


Comfort of use

Top-class hardware is hidden under the beauty of nature. It ensures unchanging and comfortable operation of the mechanisms over the years. Thanks to it the use of windows is convenient, even when opening large surfaces. This element really affects the durability of the whole window because good hardware prevents unnecessary stress and hold the sash in the right position.

In our windows hardware by SIEGENIA and ROTO is installed. With automatic sash assembly line the installation is carried out perfectly (read more about the technology here). As standard each window is equipped with Hoppe handle with Secustik® security. On request, we use anti-theft hardware systems of RC1 and RC2 classes for break-in protection.

The windows can also be equipped with stepped tilt, electric drives, opening brakes, a ventilator can be installed or the position of the handle changed. There is also the possibility of using concealed hardware which makes sash hinges are not visible. We also offer solutions for the safety of children. When choosing the tilt first system, you may only tilt the window, and the opening function requires the use of a key. As a result, you can be calm about your children.

High thermal insulation performance

A frame made of several layers glued together and appropriate glass ensure less heat loss. The best insulation performance is featured by a pine wood frame. The profile allows the assembly of triple-glass (double-chamber) unit with excellent thermal insulation parameters. The glass unit filled with noble gas and fitted with warm frames has a very low heat transfer coefficient - even 0.5 w/m2K. As a result, the heat transfer rate for the entire window may reach a value of 0.9 W / m2K. The use of thicker window profiles from our offer can improve this parameter.


Elegant shapes

We love wooden windows for their appearance. Depending on your preferences you can choose one of several shapes of frameworks. From classic and delicate Softline, through elegant Retro,, to simple and contemporary Modern.

The beautiful frameworks can be complemented by top-class HOPPE handles. As standard we install aluminium handles, one- or two-sided (patio handles), lockable, whose colour can be matched e.g. to the colour of interior door handles at home.

Beauty in nature

Wood can be stained in various colours and shades, at the same time preserving its visible woodgrains and authentic appearance of this noble material. When needed, it can be painted opaque for the desired effect of the interior design or appearance of the facade. The possibility of using different colours on the inner and outer side allows you to preserve the style of the facade and customise the interior

Components are covered with top-quality Teknos GORI lacquers using 4-layer technology. Each layer performs a special function, such as closing the pores of wood, reducing discolouration, ensuring proper adhesion of layers as well as mechanical ans chemical resistance. With the process of automatic application, windows that look like new for years are produced in the currently most modern paint shop in Poland. Read what else distinguishes our method of applying paint on technology.

If you want to see the full range of colours familiarize yourself with our colour palette.

Various types of wood

For the production of windows we use only high-quality wood selected from European and exotic trees.

Oak, larch, spruce and pine are the European species popular among customers. The latter is also characterised by one of the best thermal insulation performance. European wood windows, often harvested locally, meet the expectations of those who are looking for products made from raw material obtained near the site of production.

Exotic species include, among others, meranti prime select, majau, sapeli, palapi and matoa. They feature a high hardness and natural resistance to atmospheric agents and are perfect for our weather conditions. They are also characterized by different graining and colours.

Classic with a modern twist

The profile can also be adapted to the requirements of historic buildings by installing stylized wood carved ornaments, decorative mouldings, window battens or drip edges. Everything customised to your needs. On request, we also prepare documentation for a conservator. Please, read our offer of stylized windows.

Durability for years

Proper selection and processing of materials, modern production process and the state-of-the-art technology to protect wood made wooden windows are a great option for homes and mansions where the appearance and quality of materials used as well as the comfort of using large windows for years play an important role. It is also a good choice for individuals who care about energy efficiency and consciously choose natural solutions.

Wooden windows in terms of performance may fear only "their younger siblings" in the form of wood-aluminium windows.


Profile depth 78 mm
Max thickness of a glazing unit/number of glass panes 42 mm/3 glass panes
Max window sizes 1600mm x 3000mm
Wood layers in the frame 4
Paint layers 4
Heat transfer coefficient of a window (glass) 0.9 W/m2K (0.5 W/m2K)

Series description

Properly selected materials and modern production process made wooden windows have become even more durable. They invariably delight customers with their design and parameters.

All resources below have been provided by the manufacturer. If you are interested in details or additional information, which you have not found in the service, please contact the manufacturer.
All resources below have been provided by the manufacturer. If you are interested in details or additional information, which you have not found in the service, please contact the manufacturer.
All resources below have been provided by the manufacturer. If you are interested in details or additional information, which you have not found in the service, please contact the manufacturer.

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