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Galeco PVC System


Unplasticised (hard) polyvinyl chloride, a product of vinyl chloride polymerisation, is used for gutter and pipe manufacture. This plastic features high mechanical strength, inflammability, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance to majority of aggressive substances that are soluble in rainwater, and biological resistance to bacteria. Due to the application of suitable additives this plastic is UV resistant and obtains required colour and gloss.



The long elements of the system are manufactured in coextrusion technology while shapes are produced in injection process. Internal layer, which is the profile core, within long elements is linked inseparably with external layer. This enables enhancing various parameters, such as mechanical strength in internal layer, UV-proofness in external layer, colour, and gloss.


The system features

Traditional half-round gutter.

Frontal and rear countersunk for the gutter stiffening.

Internal countersunk, which runs into the centre, prevents against water overflow during heavy rainfalls, sudden falls, and additionally increases the gutter utility section.

Stable structure, which is resistant to thermal expansion, was obtained due to the application of durable joiners and outlets to the butt board. These components „operate” by spreading and shrinking only single elements while the entire system remains stable.

Non-sealing outlet, due to the application of special internal profiles, guarantees high leakproofness in the place of the connection to the gutter.

Solid lines indicated on the joiners enable precise gutter installation even at changeable thermal conditions.

High-quality gaskets, formed in a way that enable the profile retaining the shape, ensure the system leakproofness.

Wide range of support brackets facilitates selection as per clients’ requirements.

Pipe brackets, adjusted to pegged screws of different legs, facilitate pipe assembly along insulated houses.

Non-standard corners that enable the system application on complicated roof structure.



Aesthetics value.

Wide range of colours enabling selection of the system as per any type of the roof.

High-quality plastics enabling long-term operation.

15-year guarantee.

High mechanical strength.

Colour durability.

Galeco PVC system 90/110/130/150 shapes seem identical. This brings the opportunity to apply multi-size system on any roof preserving the look of uniformity.


Galeco gutter system components:

Gutter elements:

endcap right

metal rafter bracket

gutter joiner

support bracket with support

gutter 2 rm

no-seal outlet 90/50

PVC-U support bracket

corner 90° external

corner 90° internal

corner 135° external

corner 135° internal

endcap left


Downpipe elements:

elbow 67°

pipe 2 rm


metal pipe bracket for pegged screw


PVC-U pipe bracket

gully universal

PE elastic elbow

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