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PURMO Plan Ventil Compact D 200mm

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Panel Heaters

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The 200-mm plinth radiator blends perfectly with contemporary architecture. Spaces with large window sections are found today not only in private residences, but also in modern office design. Versions with doublesided front plates offer the perfect heating solution for such spaces.

The high warmth generation and the space-savings offered by this radiator are additional plusses.

Series description

Why Purmo Panel Heaters?

1. Quality

The great distinguishing feature of our products is unquestionably their very high quality. Along with a team of inspectors, the stringent requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 integrated management system, controlled by the British Standards Institution Quality Assurance group, are responsible for the constant monitoring of the high quality of our products.

Our twin-coated heaters are painted using cathophoresis (for the undercoat) and an electrostatic spray (for the finish), guaranteeing a surface coating of the highest quality and durability. This method is widely used in the automotive industry for the painting of vehicle body work.

2. Aesthetics

Purmo panel heaters are visually pleasing and suit any environment. Apart from heaters with moulded front panels, particularly fussy clients can choose from one of our Purmo Plan smooth-fronted heaters.

Standard heaters are painted in RAL 9010 White. On the client's request they can also be provided in one of 48 other colours from the RAL palette.

3. Availability

Purmo is unquestionably the Polish market leader and has the largest distribution network in the country. With over 250 authorised dealers providing heaters to more than 3,000 shops, you are guaranteed to be able to purchase our products in almost every town in Poland. And, thanks to the high number of heaters produced, we also offer for constant sale heaters in over 1,000 non-typical sizes.

4. Versatility

Purmo heaters may be used in both single and dual-pipe central heating installations. Depending on the type of heater, they can be installed in a variety of different configurations, including in the modern style with connections from below and behind.

Our wide range of products allows for the matching of the appropriate height, length, width and strength of the heater to every room's conditions. For rooms with greater hygiene requirements, we offer coverless heaters and Purmo P and Purmo PV heaters without convection elements, which have attestations from the National Institute of Hygiene.

5. Guarantee

Constant improvement of the production process and the high quality of our heaters allows us to offer extended guarantee periods. Since 1999 our company, amongst only a few others, has been offering a 6-year guarantee on our Purmo panel heaters.

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