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Regular For product promotion

  • Promote 10 products
  • Manage 50 products
  • Statistics
  • Basic product positioning
1 000 EUR / year

Advanced For collection promotion

  • Promote 50 products
  • Manage 100 products
  • PRO statistics
  • Medium product positioning
1 500 EUR / year

Enterprise For brand promotion

  • Promote 100 products
  • Manage 200 products
  • Pro Statistics
  • High product positioning
  • Automatization of sales network support
  • Logo on homepage
2 000 EUR / year

Intense package.producer.intense.description

  • Product promotion
    on request
  • Product management
    on request
  • Pro statistics
  • Automatization of sales network support
  • Automatyzacja wsparcia sieci sprzedaży
  • Logo on homepage
  • User mailing
  • Analyses and reports
  • Cooperation at organizing of Visualisation Workshops
  • 2D/3D objects production
  • Logo in software for architects

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Product promotion <br> on request

The distinction of products influences brand awareness among customers and its image as compared to competition. To enchance your brand's image on our website, we recommend that you use the homepage promotion, user mailing and better positioning on product lists. Such means give greater influence on the customer's choices as well as a greater chance for the product to be used in a design.

Product management

We know that your time is precious. Use our experience to help you in managing your profile, by letting us add new models, updating your content, monitoring your account to a degree depending on the chosen package. The number of presented products is unlimited, the ones excluded from the package can be managed directly by the producer.


The analysis of every ArchiUp user's daily activity is an invaluable data source for marketing experts at your company. Depending on the chosen package you have a a choice of two options: Statistics or PRO Statistics. The basic option contains an analysis of profile and product views and downloads, product popularity, categories of designs that used your products. The PRO Statistics also include detailed information about the number of views and downloads of your individual products, an accurate list of user designs in which individual products were used, as well as information on the reach of the additional shared resources.

User mailing

The ArchiUp website brings together designers and architects specializing in various design fields. If you would like to share information about design, new releases, events concerning your brand etc. with the ArchiUp community, we can help you by preparing a dedicated campaign.

Product positioning

The products on the ArchiUp website are positioned on the search lists based on the quality and quantity of resources provided by the producer. A product with a picture, description, 3D models, additional materials will be positioned higher than a product without the above. In addition, each of the packages has an additional factor affecting the positioning.

Automatization of sales network support

Every time when downloading your product, the website users receive complete information about the sales network. Thus they can quickly complete their project.

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