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Anna Brych Kadzinska
Anna Brych Kadzinska

Anna Brych Kadzinska

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In the end, it’s all about living well, isn’t it? The thing is to enjoy life, to take advantage of what we have. We are here to live as well as we can.”

This motto of Angela Missoni resounds strongly in my mind, and that's what I try to provide for everyone I work with.

Listen first, then fulfill the needs of your client. It carries great responsibility because interiors, whether they are domestic or commercial, have a great impact on people's lives, emotional and physical.


Anna Brych Kadzinska studied urban planning at University of Adam Mickiewicz and Interior Design at Rhodec Institute in London. She gained her first few years of experience in Asia, to then bring it on the European ground.  



Retail design - bookstore

Shops and shopping centers, Architecture…

Radisson Plaza Resort Huizhou

Hotels and Spa, Interiors…

Guangxingyuan Shengnawei

Dining rooms, Interiors…

3G Creative International Plaza

Other, Interiors…