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Aecis Arkitektura SAS de CV
Aecis Arkitektura SAS de CV

Aecis Arkitektura SAS de CV

Meet us

About Us

Design Matters.

Aecis Arkitektura is now specializing in Net Zero Energy Homes, to offer a Sustainable Residential Design option for those who want to increase energy and money savings in construction, as well as contribute to reducing the environmental footprint.

Founded in 2011, Aecis Arkitektura has been providing Residential Architecture Solutions to improve people's quality of life and financial health. Our focus on clients' satisfaction is the motivation for keeping up with our endeavors.

We believe in a Design Practice based on principles aiming at a world social cohesion. 

Therefore, our name Aecis came up as a result of an acronym (derived from Spanish words) backed up by the core values of our Design Thinking:

Armonía • Equilibrio • Cooperación • Innovación • Sustentabilidad

Our ongoing Business Opportunities Search is connecting us with Design Industry assets so we can work together and offer holistic solutions. 

We are working hard to maintain Mentoring and Continuous Learning updated so our company grows and becomes a Leading Architecture Design Firm, where all people involved are treated equally and are encouraged to become better humans.

You are one idea away to change your vision.



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468 Volcán Pelee St, Lomas del Paraíso III, 44250 Guadalajara, Mexico