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ZOBAL was founded in 1995. Since that time the company has established its position in Poland and in the European markets. Since the very beginning, the company's prosperity and development have been based on product quality and technological innovations.

The activity of our company focuses on three main fields. First one is the production of high quality aluminium furniture accessories. Our offer includes over 20 frame profile shapes which come with a wide choice of ornamented, color, glass and glass with graphics. Let- in handles available in many shapes and surfaces consist significant part of our product range and ZOBAL offers a unique possibility of single-anodized, customized lenght handle orders.

Moreover, ZOBAL also means modern solutions like Wall System, LED panel, alu-rolls, Handleless System in a few functional and constructions solutions, Shelving System, furniture legs, toe-kick profiles and profiles for LED lighting. Most recently our rich offer has been widened  connectors these subtle and durable systems offer many possibilities for making simple shelves as well as more comples constructions.

The second field where ZOBAL specializes in is surface processinf of aluminium such as anodizing in natural anode as well as colors and changing the surface structure by brushing.

The third field is high-precision CNC processing of aluminium and other metals. 

ul. Siedlisko 81A, 64-910 Trzcianka, Poland
+48 67 216 80 00


Lekkie systemy regałowe- IQube 16 i IQube 22

Houses, Architecture, , Apartments, Salons, Interiors

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Houses, Architecture, , Apartments, Cuisines, Interiors

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