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Vetrex Sp. z o.o.
Vetrex Sp. z o.o.

Vetrex Sp. z o.o.

Since 1997 our company specializes in the production of PVC and aluminum window and door carpentry.
For our clients from all around Europe We produced over 3 mln windows.


The company and a modern Vetrex factory have their settlement located in Rokitki near Tczew (Special Pomeranian Economic zone). On the area of 3,5 hectares We produce over 2 thousand windows a day.


We possess a vide experience in designing and implementing new optimal solutions adjusted to the needs of our clients. Thanks to our specialists which from years work in the brand of window and door carpentry which enables proper technological solutions, we possess the confidence that our products are safe and reliable.


We producer our windows on the base of the most technologically advanced production lines, thanks to which We are certain that We can offer to our clients the best quality merchandise. We cooperate with recognizable suppliers of window technologies such as: Veka and Roto. Our high competence is assured by certificates promoted to us by the independent Examine and research institutes in country and from abroad.


We offer a wide range of modern and functional products made from PVC and aluminum. Our windows can be adopted to any color, size and shape. We are opened for new ideas of our clients, thanks to that we can accomplish even the most untypical visions of architects and investors.

ul. Skarszewska 13, 83-110 Tczew/Rokitki, Poland
+48 58 692 24 00



Office, Living room

Office, Elevation

Elevation, Living room, Terrace

Living room, Bedroom


Office, Elevation

Living room, Terrace