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Valsir was founded in 1987, on the basis of a precise industrial strategy adopted by the Silmar Group - a holding that is leader in the plumbing & heating market - with factories in Italy (located in the Brescia district, in the northern part of Italy) and abroad in Portugal, Poland, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, France, Australia and South Africa.

Valsir is today a solid and expanding firm within a group whose true points of cohesion and strength lie within a strong sense of collaboration and contribution of specific professional skills of each single component.

The head and heart of Valsir are in Vestone, in Valsabbia, on the route which leads from Lake Garda to the Brenta Dolomites. It is here that the strategies of this globally oriented company are defined, involving business agreements and joint-ventures in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Economic growth, technological development, pursuit of quality, on-going research, project design activities, the strong presence in European markets and in the rest of the world are the key elements that have guided, and still guide today, Valsir policies.

Are you from Poland? Let's get in touch with our Valsir Polska local team through the website and its official Valsir Polska LinkedIn profile.

Località Merlaro, no. 2, 25078 Vestone (Brescia), Italy
+39 0365 877 397