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Producent Parkietu Kazimierz Wiśniewski

The company Kazimierz Wiśniewski Parquet Producer specializes in production of solid parquet and floor boards since 1984. Due to constant modernization and investments we are one of the most modern and safest manufacturing plants in our country, which is proven by Mecum Tutissimus Ibis price granted by the National Labour Inspectorate and entry to Golden List of Employers.

100 % natural wood

The company priority is to supply products of the highest quality as well as to adapt the offer to the needs of our customers. For this purpose, we extended the offer to include finished varnished and oiled products. This constitutes the blend of tradition with modernity. Such products are produced in 100% of solid wood with finished surface, which significantly lowers the costs and time of installation.

The best materials

Choosing materials to finish the surface, we wanted to know whether they are eco-friendly and user friendly and whether they are innovative and at the same time durable and resistant. The oil-waxes used by us are 100% natural and safe for children as they conform to safety standards for toys and are still resistant to many substances, whereas innovative UV varnishes hold anti-static property that minimizes accumulation of dust and dirt, which will be appreciated by people with allergies. You are welcome to see our offer for more details.



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