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Libet S.A.
Libet S.A.

Libet S.A.

Libet S.A. is the leading sett and other concrete surfacing materials manufacturer on the Polish market. The company is a leader in the area of premium sett, with a market share of 30%, while the second producer on the sett market in general has a market share of about 21%. The products of the premium section are directed mainly to individuals and the ones of standard and industrial mainly designed to meet the demand resulting from ongoing infrastructure investment. The company also offers patio slabs of the Libet Impressio line, stone slabs of the Libet Patio line and industrial products including curbs and edges, concrete cubes and slabs, openwork panels and palisades.

ul. Powstańców Śląskich 5, 53-332 Wrocław, Poland
801 542 381


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