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Lenta Outdoor Living
Lenta Outdoor Living

Lenta Outdoor Living

Lenta® composite boards are a new quality on the market of terrace construction materials. We offer the second generation of the composite – a premium product. Our composite terrace is a structure created with the use of modern materials and breakthrough technologies. As a comprehensive company that meets the expectations of customers, we deal with both the production and sale of composite boards, as well as the implementation of complete projects for the construction of terraces.

Responsible business -Sustainable development
Sustainable development is one of the most important trends in modern economy and economic development. It assumes the deliberate use of resources in such a way that they will be enough to build the prosperity of the current generation, but also be able to meet the needs of the future. Limiting the use of non-renewable resources or eliminating hazardous, toxic or non-recyclable materials from processing contribute to sustainable development.

Aware that the fate of the world is in the hands of all of us, as a company and the Lenta brand, we have started the process of implementing actions and solutions aimed at using and promoting only recycled materials or 100% recyclable materials.

In order to highlight our activities for the purposes of this project, we created the logo of the Environmentally Friendly Company.

Grunwaldzka 63, 84-240 Rumia, Poland
+48 57 0002452


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