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BUDVAR Centrum Sp. z o. o.
BUDVAR Centrum Sp. z o. o.

BUDVAR Centrum Sp. z o. o.

BUDVAR Centrum - expert in window production!

Budvar Centrum is a European leader in the production of windows and doors of PVC, aluminium and wood. More than 20 years of experience and constant innovation make us specialists in fenestration joinery.

The widest range of windows on the market

The company is systematically increasing its sales while simultaneously expanding its product range. Our offer includes PVC, wood and aluminium door and windows, external roller blinds, intake vents and shutters. We also provide professional consultancy and tried assembly services. We offer a long-term warranty reflecting the quality and performance of our products. With a warranty of quality extended for 30 years te company guarantees comfort of use for many years.

Modernity, Quality, Innovation

Budvar Centrum, has one of the most modern and highly automated window factories in the European market. The entire production takes place in the 23,000 m² production plant in Zduńska Wola, which employs over 300 people. The window production capacity of our factory is 2,000 per day.

ul. Przemysłowa 36, 98-220 Zduńska Wola, Poland


Aluminium windows and sliding systems

Apartments, Architecture, Office buildings

Wooden windows and sliding systems

Houses, Architecture, Terraces, Interiors

PCV windows and sliding systems

Houses, Architecture, Salons, Interiors